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Little Green Pastures Farm
Our Farm
Little Green Pastures is now selling Pastured Poultry, processed and ready to cook!
We are at the Boone County Farmer's Market every Saturday, May-October. 

We sell cornish cross chickens.  These are big, meaty birds like those sold in the grocery only better! .  Chicken is sold whole or in packages of skinless, boneless breasts, thighs, legs or wings. We also have packages of necks and backs if you wish to make stock.
Chickens are raised outside, with plenty of space, lots of green grass and sun.  No hormones, antibiotics or medications of any kind are given to our birds.  They are USDA processed by an Amish Family at thier USDA inspected facility.  Birds are NOT injected with a brine solution at processing so all you are buying is healthy, natural chicken.

Little Green Pastures Farm had the TOP BUCK at the 2014 MD Buck Test. 

Maryland Buck Test 2015 Results are released!

Litle Green Pastures is proud to have the top buck in the
2015 Western  Maryland Passture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test

A special thanks to the National Kiko Registery(NKR) for supporting the buck test.

2015 Top Buck
LGP Gunpowder

2014 Top Buck

Top-performing Buck
Randy & Jodie Majancsik

We also shared the Top Consignment award at the 2014 MD Buck Test.

Top consignors
Randy & Jodie Majanscik (L) and Brent Ballinger (R)


Little Green Pastures Farm had the Lowest Average Fecal Egg Count Buck at the 2013 Maryland Forage-Only Buck Test!

Little Green Pastures Farm was the 2012 Top Producer at the Maryland Forage-Only Buck Test!
*Highest Average Weight Gain
*Lowest Average Fecal Egg Counts
*Lowest Average FAMACHA Scores


We are Jodie and Randy Majancsik.  We raise meat goats, laying hens and meat chickens on 32 acres in Butler, Kentucky.  We are located aproximately 20 miles south of the 275/471 interchange down US 27, south of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Our herd consists of Purebred and Percentage Kiko goats.  We sell market meat goats and save the best of our kids for our own herd or to sell to other producers.

If you wish to purchase a goat to add to your herd or for your own consumption, please contact us. 

Farm fresh eggs, laying hens, meat chickens and turkeys are available seasonally.

All meat goats are sold live.  We cannot process them for you.  I can refer you to nearby butchers for goats if you wish to have them processed.
Cornish chickens are sold ready to cook. 

We welcome visitors call or email to make an appointment. 

Our FarmHerdsires2014-2015 KiddingsChickensGoat Price ListAnimals for SaleContact Us